2013 reading challenges round up: alberta ross

So how did I do with my 2013 Reading Challenges?

I read a staggering 122 books in 2013, I think probably the most I have read, the numbers were boosted quite a bit by the children and YA novels I read or re-read for my A-Z challenge, they are of course much easier reads, and some very short. I read books in various genres, and enjoyed a good 95% of them. Which I count as a huge bonus in life.

There are too many to post here so if you wish to view them here’s the link to my Goodread challenge.

I have divided my reads into challenges and genre here

Goodreads: 122

of these the following

TBR: 63

New Authors: 84

Dystopian: 7

Telling Tales: 18 (fairy/myth)

Chunky: 9 (450+ pages)

Tea and Books 5 (650+ pages)

E-books: 12

What’s in a Name:Didn’t quite fulfill this one:(

Keyword:Nor this one:(

Indie: not sure as I find it difficult to work out who is Indie and who isn’t)  but I am sure I read quite a few. I have joined an Indie author group on Goodreads sothis year I will be able to keep a better track of this category.

I didn’t find a challenge last year for Non Fiction, YA,Fantasy etc. as such, but I have separated them out and discovered I read

Non Fiction: 26

YA: 13

Fantasy: 19

Rereads: 14

Historical Fiction: 7

I obviously have a yen for non fiction and fantasy/mythology – a strange mixture:) I really enjoy reading new authors, living always in the hope of finding new ones who can keep them coming for me. I ran out of many of my favorites decades ago:(

I have been dismal at commenting on all these books and will have to do better in 2014. I have a few more drafted from the list which I will post during the next couple of weeks,

Now for this year’s challenge and the huge tottering pile waiting for me.


Books, books and more books:alberta’s 2013 challenges

senior hands on a bible

As I say reading challenges tempt me and I do little to resist. This year I have gone overboard and collected a wonderful list.  At first glance one could be excused for saying – madness! – she has her writing to do – her life to live. Where could she possible find time to read so many books?  Well, of course I might not find time – this past year wasn’t a great success, but I am boxing clever with this list.

 I decided last year to

a) To support my fellow Indie writers

b) Read genres I don’t normal read

c) Become much better acquainted with fantasy

 So the Indie, e-book, new authors, self published challenges cover both a) and b)

 Fantasy speaks for itself –and as many of the fantasy books are long sagas and plenty are written by Indie authors they are also covered byThe Tea and Books challenge (650+)  the Chunkster challenge (450+) and the Indie challenge

 The Mount TBR challenge will cover some of the Tea and Books, Chunksters and certainly covers most of the Find a New Author challenge

 Telling Tales being about fairy tales and myths will deal with fantasy and a couple of the TBR challenge also.  Dystopian will wander in and out of most of the challenges:)

 Goodreads will cover all the books in all the challenges, plus the 24 books lined up in the 2 reading groups I belong to in the real world! Yes I do sometimes visit the real world:)

 I hesitated at the Keyword and What’s in a Name challenges and had to go through my intended reads quite carefully to see how close I could get now to the requirements – there are only a couple of months missing so they are covered as well.  After all it mustn’t be a done deal otherwise how could I get out and buy new books?

 My challenges for 2013 are as follows

The Goodreads 52 books in 52 weeks (I managed 60+ this year)

Mount TBR challenge (Pikes Peak 12)

What’s in a Name (6 books)

Go Indie (Tentative=5 )

Monthly Keyword (12)

e-book (CD 10 )

Self published ( sentence 5)

Dystopian (Asocial 5 books)

Telling Tales (Princess = 10)

Tea and Books (Berry Tea =4)

New Author, new to me (15)

                Chunkster   (Mor-book-ly Obese 8)

I couldn’t find myself a non-fiction challenge I could really get into as they all wanted to confine in some way. Most of my non- fiction at the moment is concerned with research and isn’t able to fit easily into catogories – I will though keep a note of the books written and see how many I manage in the year.

 This ought to be do-able if naught goes wrong:( you see how optimism wins out over sense in my mind:)