Alberta’s TBR pile – tottering still

So many after such a long period away from these pages. This week I will put up some of the non-fiction I have collected still waiting patiently on my TBR pile.These I began to write this post about last April but illness has kept me away from posting. I am sad to report they are still on my TBR pile – the shame:(

Landmarks by Robert Macfarlane: which is a book mainly about the language of landscape, but the author wishes to entice us to engage more with the natural world and includes personalities past and present who have done so with good effect. Think it will be very interesting, and lists of new words, what’s not to like?:)

On the Map by Simeon Garfield: who will apparently be taking me on a ride through cartography from early explorers through the medieval period to Google. On the way taking in the colourful characters involved. Sounds good to me. I like a good map.

I Think You’ll Find It a Bit More Complicated Than You Think by Ben Goldacre:  Ben Goldacre is a doctor, writer, academic and broadcaster who is a mission to expose the fraudulent and unreliable scientific claims abounding in our world.  It promises to be a good read if disturbing.  As a science minded person with faith in my doctor I do also maintain a cynical attitude to business and the delight of money and fame that inflicts so many.

I must do better. Reduce the pile before it crashes to the ground to begin new piles!:)


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