No Book Can Be Perfection For Everyone

senior hands on a bible

 I have in the past few years joined four reading groups down here in reality. I am also joined up with Goodreads up here on cyberspace. One of the things  that is required is a mark of approval. Some sign of opinion of the worth of the book just read. In the book groups we mark out of ten, and it is understood that it is only our opinion of the book. In cyberspace the star system seems to have lost its way.

Even in the groups, down here, I have noticed that many times only a gut opinion is offered. ‘I didn’t like it’ with no attempt to say why not. I find this distressing and strange. One should be able to work out what you dislike if you have read the book. Give a reason.

In book groups in particular one has to read outside one’s comfort zone sometimes. Genres, authors etc not normally chosen.  Often a splendid new is discovered, just as often one struggles to engage in plot, characters etc.

Maybe I go too far in my attempt to be fair; if I don’t particularly like a book I will say so but I try to work out if it is a good book for its type.

Cosy  Mystery?

Does it deliver Cosy Mystery?

Chick Lit (what a dreadful name)?

Does it do what it says on the tin?

If they do, then they should not be marked down to zero just on a gut dislike. Well, in my opinion they shouldn’t. Every book I have ever read deserves some mark. Maybe I have been lucky.

This problem becomes worse when up here in cyberspace. Here everything is universal,not local. Everything up here remains as long as radioactive decay, maybe longer:) Up here the star system appears to be all over the place. Many authors lament anything less than 5 stars

 5 stars would mean perfection.

While I appreciate that is a wonderful thing to be told that your book is perfection,  it is just not possible to write a book that is perfection for every reader.  Giving 5 stars for a book that has room for improvement begins to make a nonsense of the star system.

On Goodreads, 3 stars means the book was enjoyed.

3 stars does not mean the book is being trashed, does not mean your life as  an author has slid down the side of a pit.

It means someone enjoyed the book!!:)

What a wonderful thought, someone enjoyed your imaginary world.

I have given 5 stars for a few – these have mostly been books that have travelled through many decades with me, standing the test of decades, giving the same intensity of enjoyment after the 20th or 40th or. . . reading.

I mostly give 3 and 4 stars. I enjoy, at some level, most books I read.

I have reluctantly given a 2 star for books I really didn’t like  much at all, unless it is impossibly bad, there is always something I can enjoy in a book.

I don’t give a rating of 0 or 1 to the rare books I really dislike because I  feel it is my fault somehow.

I began entering all the books I could remember reading before I realized the importance, to many, of the star system. I am now in the process of adding the stars, it may take some time but one thing I am sure of when I have finished there will be no zeros. There is always something worth a star in every book.


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