Waterproof books? oh please no! Musing Mondays


I have lined up my books for this coming week if my fancy doesn’t turn to something else. I have an unexpected visitor arriving later in the week who will be staying for a fortnight therefore reading time will be limited. I have to confess the garden is taking up quite a bit of my time at the moment and, as I am re-jigging the whole kit and caboodle, I am taking down various gardening books to dip in and out of. Not strictly reading them as in, from cover to cover, but I am certainly reading many sections of many books- not sure if this counts towards various goals. There are one or two which I find I have not read or have I just forgotten them? whichever, I am learning new aspects of gardening . One of the great sides to life is no matter how well one thinks one knows a subject there is always more that can be absorbed.

This coming week I have in the pile next to me

The Land of Green Plums by Herta Muller
Berta la Largu by Cuca Canals
The Falcons of Fire and Ice by Karen Maitland

The Norman Conquest by Marc Morris
The old ways by Robert Macfarlane

Left over from last time

Dark Winter by David Marr
The Emerald Planet by David Beerling

The first two being translated novels and the third is my fourth title by her. Large and long but so worth the reading. Dark Winter is a must as it is for the next reading group.

As time will be limited I may well scotch any idea of reading the non fiction titles and pass them onto another pile.

The random question this week is about waterproof books – good or bad idea?

I am not altogether sure why anyone would want any. Over decades of reading including by swimming pools, the sea and in my bath I have never managed to make any book I have read wet. Are people particularly clumsy when reading near water?

As for reading in the shower,

Oh please!

I am a dyed in the wool bookworm, you cannot find a keener reader of books than moi. I have paper, Sony reader and audio books, I devour them all and throw in magazines and journals as pudding. However, why in the shower? The shower is for scrubbing off the day’s dirt and angst. A few minutes a day concentrating on self , cleaning, pampering, is good for you, and society.For those who spend much longer than that, have you considered the water shortage the world faces? just asking:)

No, no, no I wouldn’t donate a penny towards such a ludicrous idea:)

Although I feel in my ancient bones that although this is a crazy idea and just adding to the overuse of fossil fuel to make the plastics to create them, add to the non disposable pile of faddy junk we litter our planet with it, will be done. Done because it’s new, it’s technology, it’s do-able and therefore shall be done.

Ah me, I despair of humanity sometimes I really do:)

Musing Mondays is a weekly meme that asks you to choose one of the following prompts to answer:

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  • I bought the following book(s) in the past week…
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  • I’m really upset by (book/author/bookish-news)…
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2 thoughts on “Waterproof books? oh please no! Musing Mondays

  1. I like to have a list of books to read for the week, too….and no, waterproof books don’t seem like a pressing need for me, either. I used to read in the bathtub, but nowadays, showers are my thing.

    Here’s what I am anticipating:


  2. jonesjar says:

    Nice answer. It is fun to see the different opinions on water proofing books.


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