Time flies when you are having fun


lifetime passionThe back end of 2014 and the beginning of this year I was busy sorting my way through all the reading challenges there were, too many- far too many.

When we built this abode we made it a chalet bungalow and the roof space is for books. It runs the width of the downstairs and houses thousands of books – lovely. I inherited many from parents and grandparents they are not all mine . I have to confess quite a lot are and no I haven’t read them all.

When I lost the power to read I didn’t loose the urge to buy new books.  Three years in the life of book buying addict is a long time and a great many books:)

I needed to find the books waiting to be read that would suit the challenges – I also needed to establish some order in the bookshelves. Overflowing, they needed to be re-arranged.It was going to be a fairly length period of time, I knew that. What I forgotten to put into the equation was just how much time I would lose saying hallo to old friends.

Some of them forgotten over time and some half remembered and far too many reminding me how long ago I bought them.
Works such as One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest was 50+ years old for goodness sake how could I have read it half a century ago!

It is not possible
Was I an infant in arms.
Unfortunately not.
Grown and cutting edge, moi,back then.

To kill a Mockingbird even further back in my reading life!

Stop. Stop the clocks.

I despair sometimes at the rapid passage of time. If time flies when you are having fun maybe I should prolong my life and therefore ability to read more by being miserable and bored – wait a minute that wouldn’t work – ah well

With chair nearby I couldn’t resist dipping in and out of my friends up there under the rafters, wandering further and further back in time. Watching the prices on the dust jackets and covers grow increasingly smaller; paperbacks wandered back from £8 to 1/6 (one shilling & sixpence old money) Looking at the covers also gave little snapshots of social life and times. Fascinating exercise but which didn’t help my search for the books for the challenges.

The cold drove me back downstairs clutching a few dozen books. Maybe when the sun comes out to play again I will venture back among the dust motes to re-read a few more.


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