Hopeless case, moi:)

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I cannot resist for long – every year I tell myself one only, at the most two. Do I ever listen to myself. Hardly ever. No will power not when it comes to books. Hopeless case moi.

Over the festivities I spend many a happy hour trolling through the never-ending (or so it seems) list of reading challenges. It takes time,

Read the rules
Digest the rules
Ponder the year ahead.

Look at one’s TBR pile. Will this challenge be a chance to lessen the tottering mass. Check bank balance. If not on TBR pile can one afford to indulge in an orgy of book buying.

Of course one cannot
Of course one will!!
Who needs food anyway!:)

I am signing up to a ‘few’ this year, including the aptly named

I am a Reading Challenge Addict (the best it seems for such as me) I am going for 6-10 challenges
There is also the usual Goodread’s Challenge (it covers every book I will read)

Let us not forget the tottering and highly dangerous Mount TBR  Challenge ( it reduces each year and is topped up each year. No-one wins here:)I shall attempt Mount Blanc that’s 24 books from my pile of books waiting to be read.

I have a fancy, after last year, to try The Non Fiction Challenge.I will try the Explorer level which means reading 6-10 non fiction books this year.

I failed miserable last year on the Pre-printing Press Challenge however the upside to that is those books I intended to read are now on my TBR pile – bonus.I am attempting 4-6 of these  They will also overlap with

Literary Movement Challenge, which is 12 books following the various ‘movements’ of literature through the ages, one a month.

British Authors Challenge, the clue is in the title -this is comfort reading, understanding the culture language and social scene of my own country

Banned Books Challenge, I have been intrigued over the past few years at the kind of books which have been banned, so many of them books I have read and annoyed and never realized they offended someone, somewhere, so couldn’t resist trying this.  Starting small I will declare for 4-6

I thought I would join the Re-Read Challenge and again this will have cross overs from the previously mentioned challenges.

And of course the New to You Challenge – this year it is not just about new authors, it could be a new genre or a debut. More flexibility.

Around the world in 80 books has finished but the challenge goes on in Travel the World in Books, here we set our own goals so to speak.  Length of time, what genre, number of books /countries etc.
I haven’t stated a number or year yet as I am waiting to see if I can include those already read. This is a challenge for more than a year though I feel.

this will overlap nicely with Books in Translation, which itself will overlap in the pre-printing press and  Banned Books as well as my TBR challenges

On all of them I will try, this year, to be realistic in my targets.

Yeah, that will happen!



The rules of most of these challenges are that a post be put up stating one’s intention to join the challenge and sometimes an indication of which books one is intending to read or at least the approx. number intended is linked from blog to  the host of challenge. I shall be putting rules and books read or to be read on pages on this site so as not to fill the blog with endless lists, It means I can also adjust  and update as the books are read and therefore maybe not getting into such a muddle as I usually do!

To all my fellow Challenge takers have fun and good luck.


One thought on “Hopeless case, moi:)

  1. Elena says:

    Welcome to the Pre-Printing Press Challenge (again). I hope you have better luck with it this year.


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