Madness of Angels

senior hands on a bible

In discovering Stray souls and Kate Griffin I discovered her other series and a new hero, Matthew Swift. I immediately turned to see what delights Matthew could offer me.

Madness of Angels by Kate Griffin

The Matthew Swift books were written before The Magical Anonymous series was begun. These tales are again about London. The style of the narration in this particular book, I’m sure, will annoy many readers, and may indeed turn them away from the book which would be a shame. Give it some time and the eye and internal ear will adjust.

Matthew is possessed by the multiple voices of the electric angels, one voice speaking for the many, and as such there occurs a plurality to the narration. However, when it is Matthew’s un- possessed mind speaking, we go back to the singular voice. it is confusing for the first few pages, but one soon gets the rhythm of it and it does help, the switches from one person to plural, to explain the reality of Matthew’s mind.

Matthew Swift wakes up in a room with no idea of the where, what or when of his life and neither do we. Kate Griffin does not let us in on this fact, we have to discover all as Matthew does, in pieces, and try to make sense of it in, bits. This is a darker world than that of Magical Anonymous and the madness of the  title seemed to me to sum it up well; Matthew is slightly mad, suffering from mental instability, as he struggles with his thoughts and desperately tries to make sense of what has happened to him now, two years previously and what happened in the intervening years.

Another aspect of writing where Kate Griffin excels, is in bringing a city to life. I was transported back to London of my childhood, sounds and smells and very feel of the place. The magic in this world is updated and incorporated into modern life and technology. This is no old age magic, but magic that is completely bang up-to-date.

It’s a difficult book, fascinating, but no easy read. If you can hang on in there. A Madness of Angels is an exhilarating book, I hope many will enjoy it as this old lady has. Sit back, let the madness take you on an experience.


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