Stray Souls by Kate Griffin

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Stray Souls by Kate Griffin

One of the delights of a long life of reading is the constant and fascinating changes of books. Not just the electronic movement no the styles of writing, what is considered to be written about as the decades roll by, the chances and rebellious recklessness of some authors. I can not imagine even if I didn’t have bookcases full of books waiting their turn to be read, running out of something to read.

I began the reading experience with Victorian morality, Edwardian tight lip-ness and have romped through almost every genre there has ever been invented – I don’t like them all, however, if I do not try the new think what I will miss.

Last year I discovered urban fantasy, London urban fantasy. I don’t believe in ghost, vampires, werewolves yet these books have gripped me well. A bonus is along the way I have also discovered some new and hopefully prolific authors to entertain my remaining years. A big downside of a long life and an inbuilt ability to read extremely fast is the danger of running out of reading matter:)

So who have I discovered, well many Kate Griffin being one of them

This was an urban fantasy which delighted me, author of not just one series of books but two. Lovely.

Stray Souls is about a young girl called Sharon Lee who suddenly one day discovers she is a shaman. This unexpected discovery, not altogether a welcome one and frankly Sharon is is not at all sure what she is supposed to do with this gift/curse. With no time to accept the reality, to practice or experiment with her powers she is called upon to save London.

But why does London need saving? and just what has she to do with it?

London, it appears, has lost it’s soul. No one knows where it has gone. Has it been murdered maybe, kidnapped, or just plain lost, all that is known is that it has gone and now the old magical gates to the city are wide open and London is at risk of all the old and nasty creatures kept, for so many centuries, at bay.

Sharon has a very motley and seemingly inept bunch of helpers to aid her in her task of saving London. A troll whose only desire is to cook, a banshee who has to write everything down, a vampire suffering from OCD about bloods and fluids and the high infection risk of both, and a Druid who has problems with hay fever.

Can Sharon, can her companions, save London? Should London be afraid, very afraid, of such a shambolic mob being all that stands before the invading forces of evil?

There is enough action and tension to keep the edge of the seat warm and a plot that steamrolls along, and Kate Griffiths handles both humour and darkness with a deftness which delights.


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