Crazy time – reading challenges for 2014

It’s that crazy time of year again when, fresh from a restful couple of weeks I think I can read the well of books dry:)

Reading Challenges, I find I am addicted to them – why? Dunno, just am.

Anyway, this year decided not to go overboard just a couple I said to myself.

‘Yeah, right’ self said back.

No respect!

Obviously top of the list has to be the

Mount TBR Pile Reading Challenge:

How come this pile never seems to lower, someone suggested it is because I keep buying books! Can that be?

I have joined this group on Goodreads and although I doubt I will ever clear my ‘to be read pile’, not enough life left even if I never bought another:) I will use this challenge to overlap on a few other challenges.

Non- Fiction Reading Challenge:

At the beginning of 2013 I had a quick look for a non fiction reading challenge, but the only one I found had too many constraints. I probably would have read one from each section, but I am not keen on being told what to read in the non-fiction line as many of the books I read are also doubling as research books. However, this year I have looked harder and come up with one I think will suit me just fine. I do read quite a few non-fiction books, always have done from straight forward instructions to subjects which interest and intrigue me. On my TBR shelf I have quite a few to choose from this year and I know more will turn up during the year! Trying for 10 to begin with.

Goodreads Reading Challenge:

I began 2013 saying I would read 52 books in the year and eventually managed 120. This year I am still starting at 52 because I am sure whatever life throws at me, this is a manageable number, but am hopeful I will read more.

The History Reading Challenge:

I don’t read that much history, which is strange considering I am very interested in the subject and a firm believer in the past creating the future. What I do read tends to be social history and quite often one subject books followed through the centuries – the Nathaniel Nutmegs of the genre. When I noticed this challenge I looked at my TBR pile found there were a few there I still needed to read and so I am hoping this challenge will enable me to enjoy some more history.How many will be read remains to be seen but I shall try for the Historian level which is 7+ and I hope I am not over-committing myself.

And more excitingly the

The Pre-printing Press Reading Challenge:

Who could resist a challenge such as this? I couldn’t:) Pre Printing Press Reading Challenge is concerned with books produced before 1440. I have read quite a few in my life, but there are so many and have been difficult to locate. Nowadays they are so much easier. I was already intending to do more research on Mesopotamian culture, especially the Sumerian, as research for a fantasy I am hoping to write later this year, so this challenge slotted in well. As I had a wish to find a translation challenge as well this pre printing press challenge slots in well with that one as well if I can find one.Shall commit myself to 4-6 to begin with maybe come back later and up my game

What an Animal Reading Challenge:

A quirky little challenge which suits me this year is What an Animal. I have spent a great deal of my life reading animal stories, they crop up all the time from early fairy tales to fantasy. Because the fantasy I am planning is a story with an animal narrator, before I had even noticed this challenge I had been looking around to find stories with animal narrators. Now this challenge doesn’t actually have to have an animal narrator. It has to have

An animal in the title

An animal on the cover

An animal plays a major part in the story

An animal is the main character

The only number is at least 6 – I can do that:)

I didn’t find a translated book challenge so began my own personal one on Goodreads. Then last night on a pinrest board I found an official one.

Books in Translation Reading Challenge.

Yay.I have half a dozen lined up for this year so far, including some of those pre-printing press ones, and some modern novels.

While I was looking for the translations I found

2014 European Reading Challenge:

This appealed not just because I could include my translated books, but because I do love reading books from other cultures. I hadn’t fully realized how many countries come under the heading of Europe, nations splitting into their own identities has been continuing since I was a child of course – and believe me that was a long time ago, I had not, though, actually counted them up. This challenge may well help educate me more – I hope so.

What I really wanted of course was an international challenge not just Europe and I have now found

Around the World in 80 Books

One doesn’t actually have to read 80 – one can. The challenge also has mini challenges such as one a month

On a roll, I am also taking on the

British Book Challenge

Well I must really as I am British. It really isn’t hard to read British authors:)Most of my favourite authors come from theses islands in the grey mist:) I agree they need highlighting and celebrating – I am going to enjoy this challenge very much:)

Another self challenge I am doing this year is to read as many Eco/environmental/climate change fiction (challenge) as I can. Having spent hours trying to find writing similar to mine, I think I may have tracked some down – now I need to read them and find some friends – good old Goodreads:)

I am hoping with all these books I may be able to indulge in an a-z or two for authors and for titles, but am not going to worry too much if they don’t happen. Probably have committed myself to quite a lot already:)


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