2013 reading challenges round up: alberta ross

So how did I do with my 2013 Reading Challenges?

I read a staggering 122 books in 2013, I think probably the most I have read, the numbers were boosted quite a bit by the children and YA novels I read or re-read for my A-Z challenge, they are of course much easier reads, and some very short. I read books in various genres, and enjoyed a good 95% of them. Which I count as a huge bonus in life.

There are too many to post here so if you wish to view them here’s the link to my Goodread challenge.

I have divided my reads into challenges and genre here

Goodreads: 122

of these the following

TBR: 63

New Authors: 84

Dystopian: 7

Telling Tales: 18 (fairy/myth)

Chunky: 9 (450+ pages)

Tea and Books 5 (650+ pages)

E-books: 12

What’s in a Name:Didn’t quite fulfill this one:(

Keyword:Nor this one:(

Indie: not sure as I find it difficult to work out who is Indie and who isn’t)  but I am sure I read quite a few. I have joined an Indie author group on Goodreads sothis year I will be able to keep a better track of this category.

I didn’t find a challenge last year for Non Fiction, YA,Fantasy etc. as such, but I have separated them out and discovered I read

Non Fiction: 26

YA: 13

Fantasy: 19

Rereads: 14

Historical Fiction: 7

I obviously have a yen for non fiction and fantasy/mythology – a strange mixture:) I really enjoy reading new authors, living always in the hope of finding new ones who can keep them coming for me. I ran out of many of my favorites decades ago:(

I have been dismal at commenting on all these books and will have to do better in 2014. I have a few more drafted from the list which I will post during the next couple of weeks,

Now for this year’s challenge and the huge tottering pile waiting for me.


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