time to comment on some challenges

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This year as readers of this sometimes written blog will know I joined far to many reading challenges. I like a challenge. I like reading and doing it this way I get a feeling of being a winner by achieving my goals – even though and ssh don’t tell anyone I would have read this many books anyway:).

It is time now we enter the second half of the year to report on some of the books I have read, and they are many:)


When I first ventured up here in cyberspace as an older! person I had been reading for decades and not bothering too much about what I read – having a book of my own to market I suddenly realised books were all about genre. Of course there has always been genre, Penguin way back from the start had crime, science fiction, biography etc. I didn’t though bother much about it myself I just wandered the books shelves, read newspaper reviews tried friends recommendations and generally enjoyed myself. Now I had to find a genre for my books.


Sci-fi they called – because it set in the future Dystopian they cried because the world as we know it had collapsed. Neither felt right so I went exploring. Sc-fi was easy to dismiss but Dystopian. I had read and scared myself with the best of them decades ago with the likes of 1984, Brave New World, Animal Farm and On the Beach. They were of course written of their time, the second world war with its atrocities the rise of communism with its. Then of course the constant threat of nuclear annihilation.They were also written with adults in mind.


While I was trawling it became apparent that a new kind of Dystopian had gripped readers attention. YA a new term to this old lady, I had to ask what it stood for:( Young Adult whatever that means – it does seem that the age range is to wide to fulfil its title however Dystopian seemed to have been taken over up here by YA authors. I snorted in a grumpy old lady kind of way, and resisted in an equally old lady stance of life’s to short to read books about teenagers and what did they have to fear anyway. I know, I know, stupid old lady:)  Why do we think our fears are greater than others, they are different that’s all.


What was YA? I never had YA. Or did I? Of course I did it just didn’t have a label back then. Revisiting the parts of my bookshelves where childhood books languished, I began to re-read the ‘YA’ of my youth for the A-Z challenge earlier in the year. I enjoyed them in a gentle kind of way, they are dated but the adventures were good, the messages they gave excellent and if there was less romance in them than the modern YAs then that is also the sign of the times they were written in. I didn’t join a ‘Read YA’ challenge this is my own, but all that I have read and will read crossover into the challenges I signed up for.


I have been pleasantly surprised. So under the Dystopian challenge I have included some YA. They also cross into another challenge, they are all New Authors. I do like being able to tick more than one box. I have chosen four of the books I have read so far to comment on. I will post comments and reviews tomorrow here.






2 thoughts on “time to comment on some challenges

  1. Juliette says:

    We’re all a little YA, especially those of us who have been around a little longer. :) Good post!


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