Reading groups, re-reads,recommendations and random buys

As I have stated before I decided this year to sign up for a number of reading challenges in the hopes that I could catch up on my TBR and WTR piles of titles. There are of course other sources of books than the TBR piles two of those are reading groups and recommendations.

 I belong to two reading groups down here in the ‘real’ world one in our village and one in our nearest town. They are run by the County Library who sends out a list of available books every year from which the groups chose 12 books from a choice of just over 100. Belonging to both groups has often meant that I have to re-read a book, which is great if it was a book I enjoyed the first time around, bit ugh if not!

 The catch to these groups and also its strength is that one reads outside what is a normal comfort read. Many times this is an effort but just as often one can be surprised into a new enjoyment, new genre, and new author. An open mind is a requisite of these reading groups.

 Recommendations can be tricky things until you find a source with similar tastes to ones own. I have a couple of friends whose enjoyment of books always seem to mirror my own and some friends whose tastes sometimes do. On the whole the broadsheet reviews are helpful and a couple of radio programmes can steer me to undiscovered treats.

 I find myself, as life circumstances change and evolve, relying increasingly on recommendations from others. Those long blissful hours of browsing through bookshops laden shelves are sadly a thing of the past for me now.

Also one of my great delights is re-reading books I have enjoyed in the past, I do like to have time to revisit these during the year, so I will try and match these to my other challenges but sometimes one just has to read what takes one’s fancy!

 So I shall be categorising and listing my reading under book groups and recommendations as well as challenges. I foresee many oddities and mixed reactions over this year!


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