Just how many days are there in a year?

Well I have had great fun tracking down reading challenges – so many- hard to resist joining them all.  So working on the principle that I wish to decrease my TBR pile – which in reality is about a shopful! I have tried to join either those which will help me diminish the pile or in the case of one will help me in my future writing.

I read a comment on one of the challenge pages from someone who wasn’t joining because his TBR pile was down to a couple of books – I was in shock for an amazing time.  A couple! I wish.

Apart from not being able to resist books, and being incapable of just buying one at a time (it is an addiction you know – don’t deny it any of you with piles of books) I also went through a four year period of not reading anything -due to illness and stress they say! I didn’t however stop buying the books.  It was like trying to tempt an invalid with ever increasingly delicious bites  only to have the trays sent back untouched.  I have hundreds in that pile.  Years to clear even if I never bought another. Yeah. Right. That’s never going to happen!

From the 1st of January 2011 I am going to enter the following challenges  (fingers crossed I can finish them)  I am posting the lists of intended books on the page of challenge reads

A Classics Challenge  = 7 classic, 3 of which can be re-reads if wished

Back to the Classics = 1 book from each of 9 different categories

Mount-TBR-Reading Challenge -going to start at Pikes Peak = 12 books

The Tea and Books Challenge -I’m going to start at Berry Tea Devotee = 4 books of over 700 pages

Chunksters Challenge might well go in at Mor-book-ly Obese level = 5 books over 450 pages and 3 books at over 600

It’s not actually as bad as it sounds because with all these I am

a) Clearing my TBR pile – and

b) can overlap in each challenge so some books will be in different challenges.

The next challenge  The Telling Tales Reading Challenge I have taken on this one  because I will be reading these books a lot in the next few months of research purposes – so these books will be aiding my own writing (Yay I can buy some more books:)  I’m going in at level 1 = 5 books but already see this going up!

And of course although I can count the books read in the Sir Terry Prachetts Reading Challenge with The Telling Tales and clearing TBR Mountain  lets be truthful here – this one is just for fun fun fun!  No set books just something, anything by the man.  I have about 5-6 on the TBR pile of his.

So you see I have only committed to about 1 a week over the year – not impossible.


2 thoughts on “Just how many days are there in a year?

  1. Ah Mount TBR – I know it well. Great challenges because I’ve joined a couple of the same ones. :) Except for the TBR on – think I’m going to have to join it. Looking to whittle down my tbr pile by instituting a buying ban for the first 6 months. :0 The blog looks wonderful, very inviting and will be following. Happy New Year!


    • alberta says:

      6 months!!!! Cut of your arm why don’t you t’would be less painful surely:) I couldn’t beleive how many TBR ‘s I had – Hope this way to reduce the backlog a little but and it is a big but – my yearly Goals are just as huge! someting may have to give about summer time! thanks for comment on blog – I like it and now I’m getting hang of wordpress like it as well – just that everything is wrong place! but that happened when I changed from Explorer to Firefox – like cars – I turn on the wipers instead of the lights:) Happy New Year


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