An even higher TBR pile than I imagined!

Part of my festive spring clean was upstairs in the ‘book room’  – very grand.  Actually it will take many months to overhaul and spring clean – probably into the spring.  I have thousands of books, not all mine, they have been inherited through the generations.  Have I read them all? – no of course not, I said thousands:)

When I was moving all the boxes of books (how removal men hate moving this household!) My mother was sliding downhill more rapidly than anticipated and although I had time to commission enough bookcases and unload all the books they never really got sorted as I was busy nursing her.  Now, we moved here 10 years ago!  I’m not such a fast mover as you can see.  I have excuses, since my mother died I have myself been ill and books are heavy and hard work.  I also discovered the joys of writing and cyberspace and. . . .  so – 2012 is the year I hope to lay order on those words upstairs.

Quite looking forward to the next few months.  I have started and already re-discovered many old friends – it does make tidying take a long time when one has to keep stopping to read bits! the modern part my fiction is sort of alphabetical however I suspect for a lot of you it would hardly be called modern it ranges over 6 decades.  I still have all my sci-fi and detective books to sort – would like to slot them into fiction general not sure there’s room tho’  – will see.

I did start early, it’s not quite 2012 yet but a few days, what’s that?  Now I know where things are, and discovered an even higher TBR pile than I could imagine, I have an even greater reason to put on my reading specs and get going.  Having badly slipped in 2011 in the reading stakes I was already determined ‘to do better’.

So having watched fellow ROW’ers get through their reading challenges and having experienced the success of ROW80 myself I looked around for some reading challenges for myself.  Start off slow and small I thought – hah- my fellow ROWers will know I’m no good at small and slow!  There’s so many great challenges out there.  Too many, too many – which to choose and just how many afternoons am I going to spend comparing them all!!!


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