Will do better- maybe- probably!

I looked at my Read pile for 2011 and was ashamed at how small it was – another memo to self ‘must do better’ – so have a TBR pile for 2012 that is high high and I intend to read them all and comment on some.

Well I maybe have enough of this new site working to begin.  I have moved from another provider and brought my old blogs with me.  This site will I hope work alongside my writing blog .  As you can see I have neglected this side dreadfully allowing my writing to take over my life – it will not do!  All the memos to self about doing better are not working so I have a brand new sparkly site to encourage me to share over six decades of reading.  I am not foolish enough to say I will add every day or week for that matter but will do better than before (fingers crossed).

I want to not only comment on books I am reading now or re-reading (I love re-reading) but also comment on childhood influences – the change in children’s reading matter over the years. I  have many of the books I fell into all those years ago and dip into them occasionally still.

Over my life books have travelled everywhere with me and some still personify the country- the event, so memory conjures up exotic places just from the sight of a book cover.  I will share some of these memories as time goes by.

To be sure I catch up on my reading I am signing up for too many reading challenges!! But I know from the writing challenges that the signing up and declaring intentions is a good way for me to keep two goals so as I get the hang of wordpress I will add the badges and publicly declare my intentions.


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